Nero\’s Guests: A Documentary on the Indian Agrarian Crisis

P. Sainath is the Rural Affairs Editor at The Hindu. After a decade of covering farmer suicides in water-scarce Maharashtra, he has repeatedly witnessed men and women die, trapped by the twin issues of the commodification of the countryside and inadequate policy frameworks. He is, justifiably, an angry man. Nero\’s Guests is a documentary that follows Sainath as he covers the Indian agrarian crisis. Both powerful and disturbing, it is a must watch.

Follow up reading:

  1. In Praise of P. Sainath: An introduction to Sainath
  2. Sainath, P., 1996. Everybody Loves a Good Drought: Stories from India\’s Poorest Districts. Penguin Books India, 470 pp.
  3. Sainath: The Anti-Mahatma? A critique of Sainath by Anand Ranganathan (do read the rich debate in the comments section) And another healthy discussion here.

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