Link Pack #2: Vulnerability indicators, pluralism, participatory farmer advisories

  1. A new paper by Katherine Vincent and Tracy Cull that reviews debates around using indicators to assess climate change vulnerability. The section on \’principles for developing robust indicators\’ is interesting and emphasises the need for a clear conceptual framework, transparent choice and aggregation of indicators, a critical examination of different methodologies and their assumptions, and finally, managing limitations of indicators (do they capture the spatio-temporal dynamics of vulnerability?).
  2. A review of Remapping India, a book by Louise Tillin which looks at the political origins of new states in India and looks like a book to delve into.
  3. \’Preserving pluralism in India today\’, the latest episode on the highly recommended The NDTV Dialogues. Interesting insights on pluralism in India and why secularism is not the opposite of communalism by Lord Parekh, Arun Shourie, and Professor Mushirul Hassan. 
  4. Blog on farmer perceptions of climate variability: Drawing on work in Kenya, CCAFS shows how blending historical climate data, short-term seasonal forecasts, and long-term climate change projections can help construct agro-advisories that aid farmer decision-making and risk management. 

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Environmental social scientist @iihsin Research climate change adaptation, livelihoods, development. Book hoarder, plant lover, doggo devotee.

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