Link Pack #6: Rural landscapes, M&E for climate change adaptation

Video: Stumbled upon an interesting repository of images from the British Empire at Colonial Film. Each video is accompanied by an analysis which is quite useful. Watching one 1943 video In Rural Maharashtra, I was struck by how effectively the role of women in an agricultural household was portrayed. Another interesting insight was corn being called the main crop, which has certainly changed with the cotton boom in Maharashtra. It would be interesting to see a similar film being made now and comparing the two to document how rural landscapes and intra-household labour division have changed.

Reading resource: SEA Change and UKCIP recently held a webinar on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods in climate change adaptation. Here\’s a link to the interesting discussion, M&E guidance notes and recommended resources on the latest developments and toolkits in adaptation M&E. Highly recommended.

Blog: Patrick Dunleavy, author of \’Authoring a PhD\’ gives advice on writing good abstracts. He suggests rationing your words in these boxes:

Other people’s work and the focus of previous research literature? [50 words]

What is distinctive to your own theory position or intellectual approach?[40 words]

Your methods or data sources/datasets? [40-120 words, depending on how methodologically innovative your work is.]

Your bottom-line findings i.e. what ‘new facts’ have you found? Or what key conclusions you draw? [Assign as many words as possible within your limit. Be substantive. Don’t be vague, obscure, formal or conventional. Tell us clearly what you found out, not just what topic box you were studying in.]

The value-added or originality of your work within this field? [30 words – Make a moderate claim, motivate readers to learn more.]

          Call: SAGE Magazine has opened its call for contributors, especially focussing on unpublished writers. And LSE Review of Books has opened its Spring 2014 call for book reviewers. A great opportunity to read, be read, and (l)earn a book

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