Link Pack #7: ICTs for climate change adaptation (among other things)

Paper:  Linking ICTs and Climate Change Adaptation: A Conceptual Framework for e-­Resilience and e-­Adaptation by Ospina and Heeks (2010) is a fascinating read. The authors put forth a framework to explore how ICTs can enhance individual adaptive capacities and contribute to the overall adaptation process. The paper also introduced me to \’ICT4CCA\’ which stands for Information and Communication Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation. Quite a mouthful but wildly interesting nevertheless! 

Book: I\’ve just started reading Professor Sumit Guha\’s latest book \’Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present\’ as a way to educate myself with the multiple histories that shape caste in India. From the blurb I quote \”\’caste\’ should be understood as a politically inflected and complex form of ethnic stratification that persisted across religious affiliations\”. A review will be out soon!

Video: Lifelines is a beautiful video made by researchers at Oxford\’s School of Geography and the Environment which captures the intricacies of how rural-urban migration, unemployment, livelihoods and development mesh together to mould personal aspirations and fortunes in Uttarakhand, India. 

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Environmental social scientist @iihsin Research climate change adaptation, livelihoods, development. Book hoarder, plant lover, doggo devotee.

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