My Contentions with Gandhi\’s "Village Swaraj"

I have taken my time exploring Gandhi. My first encounter with his words were in the form of \’Gandhi\’s Talisman\’ that graced the inner cover of every book I had throughout school. It said, when it doubt, asked yourself whether your actions will, in any way, help the poorest person you know to live aContinue reading “My Contentions with Gandhi\’s "Village Swaraj"”

Link Pack #9: Livelihoods and farming

Over the past seven years, I have been working in and researching rural areas. I have helped build water storage tanks, and sown medicinal plants with women\’s Self Help Groups in Himachal Pradesh. I have trained farmers in Arunachal to expand their use of wetlands to ecotourism, and examined why young Rajasthani men are openingContinue reading “Link Pack #9: Livelihoods and farming”

Pushing disciplinary boundaries: No, really.

As nerdy as it may sound, I enjoy learning. I look forward to hearing new ideas and meeting people with varied research interests. This year as a postdoc on the ASSAR consortium, I have found myself flooded with opportunities to just this – attend trainings, go to conferences, meet some really good researchers, and inContinue reading “Pushing disciplinary boundaries: No, really.”

Ecological restoration as an adaptation to climate variability: reflections from a visit to Navadarshanam

It\’s been three months into my new job as a postdoctoral researcher working on a multi-country, multidisciplinary project called Adaptation at Scale in Semi-arid Regions (ASSAR). The journey has been an exciting and challenging experience so far. In a recent blog, I documented my research team\’s visit to Navadarshanam and discussed how perhaps scaling up nicheContinue reading “Ecological restoration as an adaptation to climate variability: reflections from a visit to Navadarshanam”

Integrated landscape management in Asia: who participates,who doesn\’t?

Till recently, I was working on a Global Review of Integrated Landscape Initiatives with Bioversity International and the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative. As part of the Asia review, we surveyed 166 landscape initiatives in South and Southeast Asia to get a better idea of what works in integrated landscape management and whatContinue reading “Integrated landscape management in Asia: who participates,who doesn\’t?”

Book Review | Ancient Futures: Lessons from Ladakh for a Globalizing World

I just finished reading Ancient Futures: Lessons from Ladakh for a Globalizing World by Helena Norberg-Hodge. It is strange that it is only now that I finally read this masterpiece; six years since I first went to Ladakh and began my journey of academic inquiry and personal growth. Ladakh was the place I discovered my love for ethnographic studyContinue reading “Book Review | Ancient Futures: Lessons from Ladakh for a Globalizing World”

Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture

Blog: Ian Scoones writes about the latest buzzword in agriculture \’sustainable intensification\’ (SI) and whether it can help address global food security.  Paper: In a recent paper, Loos et al. (2014) critique the current definition of SI and highlight the need to look at issues of equity (who gains what?) and individual empowerment (to secureContinue reading “Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture”

Shifting the discourse from adaptation to transformational adaptation

Shallow wells provide protective irrigation during in-season dry spells.But these coping strategies may not work in an agricultural system thatis intensifying towards water-intensive cash crops.  There is growing concern that climate change adaptation may have \’somehow lost its edge…lost its spunk and it became just another term for development\’. My own research from Pratapgarh, aContinue reading “Shifting the discourse from adaptation to transformational adaptation”

The African Farmer Game

This post was written in collaboration with Ankit Kumar, a PhD researcher at Durham University. You can follow him @ideatingenergy. It is based on our experiences and ideas, generated while playing the African Farmer Game during the STEPS Centre Summer School. Developed by the STEPS Centre and Future Agricultures Consortium, the game will be released soon asContinue reading “The African Farmer Game”

Decision making for climate change adaptation

In a recent talk at the Walker Institute, climate change adaptation specialist Suraje Dessai stressed the need to move away from the linear model of  \’predict and provide\’ which believes that more science = better decisions = successful adaptation, towards an understanding of the limits of what science can provide. Talking in the context of decision making for climateContinue reading “Decision making for climate change adaptation”