Integrated landscape management in Asia: who participates,who doesn\’t?

Till recently, I was working on a Global Review of Integrated Landscape Initiatives with Bioversity International and the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative. As part of the Asia review, we surveyed 166 landscape initiatives in South and Southeast Asia to get a better idea of what works in integrated landscape management and whatContinue reading “Integrated landscape management in Asia: who participates,who doesn\’t?”

Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture

Blog: Ian Scoones writes about the latest buzzword in agriculture \’sustainable intensification\’ (SI) and whether it can help address global food security.  Paper: In a recent paper, Loos et al. (2014) critique the current definition of SI and highlight the need to look at issues of equity (who gains what?) and individual empowerment (to secureContinue reading “Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture”