My Year of Conferences

2015 has been the year of the conference for me. From the CBA (Community-based Adaptation) Conference in Nairobi (April), Scaling Up Good Adaptation Practices in DelhiĀ (August) to the Development and Climate Days in Paris (December), a 2-day side event to theĀ Conference of Parties, adaptation has been a binding thread. What have I taken away fromContinue reading “My Year of Conferences”

Farming and the license to dream (notes from the CBA9 conference)

I am in Africa. After listening to stories of my mother catching a colourful fish in the River Kafue and of my grandfather driving from Nairobi to Lusaka in the 70s, it is finally my chance to see this inspiring, beautiful, and complex continent. I am in Nairobi at the 9th International Conference on Community-Continue reading “Farming and the license to dream (notes from the CBA9 conference)”