Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies

Listening In the Field, a promising development podcast from India (do check them out in case you haven’t already), open their second season with a great episode on Kerala – the poster child of development in India and where it is today. Includes discussions on how Kerala’s development trajectory has meant different things for men and womenContinue reading “Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies”

Link Pack #13: A great paper on vulnerability

The paper closes on a positive note with directions for future research, practice, and funding. The authors call for methodological development (something we have been trying to do within the ASSAR project through life history interviews), expanding future scenarios work that is predominantly quantitative and focussed on biophysical aspects, reimagining case studies to draw on theirContinue reading “Link Pack #13: A great paper on vulnerability”

Research for (Policy) Impact

Demonstrating policy impact of research is becoming increasingly important. In countries like the UK, the Research Excellence Framework ensures that incentives are tied to demonstrating impact. While we aren\’t there yet in India, spaces such as IIHS and CPR India are increasingly contributing to conversations at the research-policy interface. Podcast on research impact In this context,Continue reading “Research for (Policy) Impact”

Link Pack #12: Three papers on barriers to adaptation

I recently came across three papers on adaptation barriers which are a back and forth between some authors in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Although focussed on adaptation barriers in the forestry sector, the points they make are quite interesting for climate change researchers in general. Williamson and Nelson 2017: Talk of 3 typesContinue reading “Link Pack #12: Three papers on barriers to adaptation”

Link Pack #11: Deep Work, Mindfulness and a Paper on Caste

Paper The inimitable David Mosse recently wrote a paper in World Development called Caste and development: Contemporary perspectives on a structure of discrimination and advantage. It is an important paper that looks at caste in its various dimensions—economic divisions based on occupation, political through systems of dominance and rule, and ideological which is closely linked toContinue reading “Link Pack #11: Deep Work, Mindfulness and a Paper on Caste”

Link Pack #10: A desi dinosaur and a paper on development pedagogy

Book I have finally got around to reading Pranay Lal’s impressive book Indica: A deep natural history of the Indian subcontinent. Just halfway through the book but it is already something I wished I had to read in school – would\’ve made my geology, geography, biology classes so much more interesting. In case you aren’tContinue reading “Link Pack #10: A desi dinosaur and a paper on development pedagogy”

Link Pack #9: Livelihoods and farming

Over the past seven years, I have been working in and researching rural areas. I have helped build water storage tanks, and sown medicinal plants with women\’s Self Help Groups in Himachal Pradesh. I have trained farmers in Arunachal to expand their use of wetlands to ecotourism, and examined why young Rajasthani men are openingContinue reading “Link Pack #9: Livelihoods and farming”

Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture

Blog: Ian Scoones writes about the latest buzzword in agriculture \’sustainable intensification\’ (SI) and whether it can help address global food security.  Paper: In a recent paper, Loos et al. (2014) critique the current definition of SI and highlight the need to look at issues of equity (who gains what?) and individual empowerment (to secureContinue reading “Link Pack #8: Sustainable intensification in agriculture”

Link Pack #7: ICTs for climate change adaptation (among other things)

Paper:  Linking ICTs and Climate Change Adaptation: A Conceptual Framework for e-­Resilience and e-­Adaptation by Ospina and Heeks (2010) is a fascinating read. The authors put forth a framework to explore how ICTs can enhance individual adaptive capacities and contribute to the overall adaptation process. The paper also introduced me to \’ICT4CCA\’ which stands forContinue reading “Link Pack #7: ICTs for climate change adaptation (among other things)”

Link Pack #6: Rural landscapes, M&E for climate change adaptation

Video: Stumbled upon an interesting repository of images from the British Empire at Colonial Film. Each video is accompanied by an analysis which is quite useful. Watching one 1943 video In Rural Maharashtra, I was struck by how effectively the role of women in an agricultural household was portrayed. Another interesting insight was corn being calledContinue reading “Link Pack #6: Rural landscapes, M&E for climate change adaptation”