Modi, secularism, and the future of Indian democracy

Do you, as a voter, feel trapped by the Modi/Rahul Gandhi binary? Are you questioning the future of democracy in India?  And what does Modi\’s rise say for the nation\’s secularism? These were some of the questions discussed in a session organised by The South Asian Studies School at Oxford and King\’s India Institute last weekContinue reading “Modi, secularism, and the future of Indian democracy”

Oxford Global Food Security Conference, 2013

An interdisciplinary conference dealing with issues of food security and uncertainty around the world was held at Oxford University on April 27, 2013. Although not directly related to my current research on rural livelihood vulnerability to water scarcity and climate change, the conference was an interesting collection of diverse approaches to understanding, quantifying, and addressing food insecurityContinue reading “Oxford Global Food Security Conference, 2013”