Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies

Listening In the Field, a promising development podcast from India (do check them out in case you haven’t already), open their second season with a great episode on Kerala – the poster child of development in India and where it is today. Includes discussions on how Kerala’s development trajectory has meant different things for men and womenContinue reading “Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies”

Link Pack #1: Debates on Poverty, Development and Resilience

Nothing like a good debate to wake one up! What I\’ve been reading this week: The Arrogance of Good Intentions: NYU Economist William Easterly reviews Nina Munk\’s book \’The Idealist: Jeffrey Sachs and the Quest to End Poverty\’ and questions Sachs\’s seductive message of eradicating poverty through western aid.   Going Against Duflo: Raj Patel critiquesContinue reading “Link Pack #1: Debates on Poverty, Development and Resilience”

UEA/IDS Mixed Methods Workshop (July, 2013)

The University of East Anglia (UEA) and Institute of Development Studies (IDS) recently organised a two-day workshop on mixed methods research in poverty and vulnerability (1-2 July 2013). The event brought together 40 researchers, practitioners and students working in development-related issues to discuss different ways mixed research methods could be used to capture the dynamicsContinue reading “UEA/IDS Mixed Methods Workshop (July, 2013)”