Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies

Listening In the Field, a promising development podcast from India (do check them out in case you haven’t already), open their second season with a great episode on Kerala – the poster child of development in India and where it is today. Includes discussions on how Kerala’s development trajectory has meant different things for men and womenContinue reading “Link Pack #14: Kerala, poverty pathways, and coping strategies”

Link Pack #13: A great paper on vulnerability

The paper closes on a positive note with directions for future research, practice, and funding. The authors call for methodological development (something we have been trying to do within the ASSAR project through life history interviews), expanding future scenarios work that is predominantly quantitative and focussed on biophysical aspects, reimagining case studies to draw on theirContinue reading “Link Pack #13: A great paper on vulnerability”

Thoughts on two new papers from vulnerability and adaptation research

I read two very interesting papers from adaptation and vulnerability research last week. In Operationalizing longitudinal approaches to climate change vulnerability assessment, Fawcett et al. (2017) make a case for longitudinal methodological approaches when studying vulnerability and adaptation. The lack of attention paid to temporality has been a long-held peeve of mine (it\’s gotten so badContinue reading “Thoughts on two new papers from vulnerability and adaptation research”