PhD Tips: Second Year or Fieldwork as a Planned Adventure

When I wrote out tips for First year PhD students, I didn\’t realise it would become the most viewed post on my blog (nearly 1200 views to date!). Between picking up a new job, relocating back to India, and getting used to post-PhD life (who knew I\’d miss it so?!), I found myself going throughContinue reading “PhD Tips: Second Year or Fieldwork as a Planned Adventure”

My journey so far

Retrospective narrations of one’s journey can be misleading. Its linear format is inherently deceptive because an ordered layout assumes clarity and purpose, when life itself is often a jumbled back and forth of trial and error. And though it is slightly disconcerting to ‘review’ one’s life at the age of 26, I will try. TheContinue reading “My journey so far”

Where again?

Map of Pratapgarh, Rajasthan\’s newest district, carved in 2008 from neighbouring Udaipur, Chittorgarh, and Banswara in the southeast ofthe state.   It is tough to explain to people where Pratapgarh, the location of my field research is. Traveling from Delhi, Pratapgarh seems to be at the very end of the earth and for once, I am not evenContinue reading “Where again?”