Link Pack #5: Hydro-hazardscapes, waste management and mainstreaming CC adaptation

Book: I am reading the latest book by Daanish Mustafa (Reader, Geography at King\’s College, London) \’Water Resource Management in a Vulnerable World: The Hydro-hazardscapes of Climate Change\’. He introduces the concept of \’hydro-hazardscapes\’ to effectively capture the non-economic, socio-cultural values of water as well as emphasise the different constructions of threat as perceived by different stakeholders by usingContinue reading “Link Pack #5: Hydro-hazardscapes, waste management and mainstreaming CC adaptation”

Water in the Anthropocene

The \”Water in the Anthropocene\” conference (21-24 May 2013) opened in Bonn, Germany today. The conference explores governance and scientific challenges in understanding the indicators, thresholds and uncertainties of the global water system. I was selected to present a paper on \”Farmer Perceptions of Water scarcity\” using a case study from north-west India but couldn\’tContinue reading “Water in the Anthropocene”