PhD Tips: First Year or Becoming a Researcher

The pre-viva thesis ready for binding I recently defended my thesis successfully. That I can call myself Dr. Singh is both an exhilarating and alarming feeling. What a way to end the year! As 2013 drew to a close,I reflected on my doctoral journey and realised what a beautiful, nerve-racking, stimulating, and tumultuous journey it has been:Continue reading “PhD Tips: First Year or Becoming a Researcher”

The virtues of writing simply

\’Those who write clearly have readers,those who write obscurely have commentators.\’Albert Camus Academic writing can be daunting. I often find that when trying to communicate complex ideas, coherence and clarity tends to get compromised. However, like any other skill, writing can be perfected by practice. I recently finished reading Orwell\’s Why I Write, a collectionContinue reading “The virtues of writing simply”