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Keynote: Urban Climate Justice

30 August 2022| Keynote address on “Recovering with Dignity: seeking post-disaster justice” at the 10th International Conference for Urban Climate (ICUC).

Podcast: Temperatures on the Rise

19 August 2022| Emmanuel Raju and I do an interview for the Nordic Asia Podcast on Temperatures on the Rise: Adapting to Heat Extremes in South Asia. [Link].

Event: ATREE@25 Urbanscapes

19 August 2022| Talk on ‘Growing Cities: Farmscapes across Rural and Urban India’ under a panel on Urbanscapes [Link].

Exhibition: Sowing Sustainable Cities

26 July 2022| Launch of an online exhibition and compendium of practices from the UPAGrI project showing urban farming across India and Tanzania.

Radio: Working in India’s heatwave

7 June 2022| It’s estimated that heatwaves are costing India > $100 billion a year. I join Rahul Tandon & Nikhil Inamdar at BBC News and Fahad Saeed at Climate Analytics to discuss how outdoor workers can be protected from heat. [Link].

Op-ed: Adapting to heat in a deeply unequal world

24 May 2022| An op-ed in The New York Times on the unequal impacts of heatwaves in a warming world [Link].

Panel: IPCC AR6 Findings for India

5 May 2022| Panel discussion on the implications of the IPCC Assessment Report 6’s findings for India, drawing on working groups I, II, and III.

Panel: Fiction for the Future

21 May 2022| A panel as part of City Scripts, Bangalore, where we discussed climate fiction using three recent novels. [Link].

TV: BCC interview on heatwaves in India

24 May 2022| Speaking with David Eades on South Asia approaching soft limits to adapting to heat and the need for historically larger GHG emitters to step up to minimize losses and damages. [Link].

Podcast: The futures we imagine are the futures we get

11 April 2022| Interview with the ‘Climate Talks’ podcast at the Melbourne Centre for Cities. Kathryn Bowen, Jon Barnett, and I discuss the IPCC report on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation and it’s takeaways for policymakers. (Link)

Podcast: The India Energy Hour

23 March 2022| A long conversation with Sandeep Pai and Shreya Jai on my personal journey as a researcher and attempts at answering, “Climate change impacts and adaptation: Does India have a plan?” (Link).

Interview: Heat and Climate Injustice

02 May 2022| Interview with Amy Goodman at Democracy Now where I speak of the injustcies of extreme heat – those most exposed are often the least prepared to cope with heatwaves. [Link]

Podcast: Learning to live with heatwaves

02 May 2022| Interview with Arun George at Times of India where where TOI’s Sanjay Dutta explains why many states are facing power cuts as temperatures rose and I discuss how we can deal with future heatwaves. [Link]

Clip: BBC Sounds

02 March 2022| A short clip on the 2022 record-breaking heatwave in India, where I discuss how these kinds of heatwaves are going to become more intense, they’re going to come sooner and then they’re going to be longer in their duration. [Link] Photo Credit: Reuters

Op-ed: Coastal adaptation

01 March 2022| An op-ed in The Hindustan Times on coastal adaptation in Indian cities drawing from the chapter on ‘Cities and Settlements by the Sea’ in the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report. [Link]

Webinar: Loss and damage from urban drought

25 May 2021| Presentation on the knowledge gaps and methodological challenges in assessing losses and damages from slow-onset events like droughts in urban areas across Asia. Read the paper here.

Webinar: The Urgency for Adaptation in India

15 March 2022| A panel discussion on India’s adaptation action, progress, and gaps with Purnamita Dasgupta, Ashish Chaturvedi, R Sukumar, and Ruchika Singh. I focussed on the need for accounting for compounding, cascading, and systemic risks; and long-term adaptation planning.

Webinar: Tackling climate change through urban resilience

24 March 2022| A panel discussion on Urbanisation and the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, with Eric Chu, Vishal Narain, Luna Khirfan, and Chandrasekhar Bahinipati.

Webinar: Climate change adaptation for the marginalised

31 March 2022 | A webinar in English and Tamil with Chennai Climate Action Group on climate change adaptation in India, focussing on differential vulnerability, histories of extraction and colonisation, and avoiding maladaptation for marginalised communities and ecosystems.

Panel: Feeding the City: Agriculture in the Urban

13 January 2022| Panel discussion at Urban ARC 2022 on “Feeding the City” where five speakers discussed urbanisation, agriculture, food systems, and implications for sustainable, inclusive cities [Link].

Talk: Adaptation Feasibility and Effectiveness

8 April 2022| A talk on “Assessing the feasibility and effectiveness of adaptation options: insights from the latest IPCC report” at IIT Bombay’s Interdisciplinary Programme in Climate Studies.

Webinar: Climate change and India

28 February 2020 | Webinar in Hindi on what the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment report means for India.

Op-ed: Cities are taking climate action

5 October 2021| Op-ed in The Hindu which speaks of how climate resilience plans in Indian cities focus on isolated risks rather than preparing for multiple, risks [Link].

Webinar: Time to Reset? Climate Resilience in Cities Across the Global South

13 October 2021| A conversation with Aditya Bahadur, Thomas Tanner on the need for revisiting traditional climate resilience frameworks in cities across the Global South, with panellists Divya Sharma and Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio (Link).

Podcast: Experiences and Challenges with Proposal Writing

25 August 2020 | Podcast episode on STARTcast, by START International,
aimed at early and mid-career scientists. Episodenotes.

Blogpost: Personal journeys of urban farming

17 August 2020 | Personal journeys of urban farming: reflections from the UPAGrI team, on the Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure Project website. [Link].

Webinar: Assessing the feasibility of climate adaptation options

14 Sept 2020 | Webinar for the Transforming Social Inequalities through Inclusive Climate Action (TSITICA) project, University of Cape Town [recording].

Individual action versus systemic change: lessons from COVID19 for climate change

22 April 2020 | A piece that got my writing hiatus unstuck. I take lessons in individual action and overcoming grief from the COVID pandemic and apply it to climate change actions. Nature’s Social Science Blog [Link]

Synthesising qualitative data across climate hotspots: experiments with comparative analysis

2 Dec 2019 | A glimpse into what went into the writing of our Nature Climate Change paper on synthesising gender and climate change research across twelve countries. Part of Nature’s #BehindThePaper initiative [Link

As India Struggles With Climate Change, Farming Couple Learns To Cope And Flourish

7 August 2018 | An article on IndiaSpend on farmer innovation and its implications for local adaptation to climatic risks [Link]

Agrarian distress: what options do farmers have?

4 May 2018 | A piece on the Asia Pacific Policy Society Blog on whether the ‘move up, move out’ strategy is the key to solving agrarian distress? [Link]

Challenging assumptions about gender and climate adaptation

15 March 2018 | A webinar where in one of the segments, I touch upon research findings around gender and changing aspirations and what it means for household adaptation. [Link]

Writeshopping your way to writing together: thoughts on collaborative writing

11 January 2018 | A blog on the ASSAR project website about collaborative writing from start to finish. [Link]

How can we help farmers prepare for climate change?

22 September 2017 | A piece on The Conversation, South Africa drawing on our latest publication on role of climate information services in farmer adaptation. [Link]

Does climate information help people address current and future climate risks?

6 July 2017 | A video summarising the barriers and enablers to climate services in Africa and India [Link]

Do you like migration?

13 March 2017 | A blog reflecting on the challenges and benefits of doing interdisciplinary, collaborative, cross-country migration research on the ASSAR Blog [Link]

Envisioning with empathy

9 November 2016 | Reflections on the Transformative Scenario Planning methodology, on the ASSAR blog  [Link]. 

India’s urban fantasy: Deconstructing the real estate myth

7 July 2016 | Where I write about the city of Bangalore, as seen through its real estate ads on Policy Forum [Link]

Whose assessment counts? The difficulty of measuring vulnerability

16 January 2016 | Report on a 3-day course I helped conduct on Concepts and Methods of Vulnerability Assessment [Link]

What Farmers Really Need – And It Isn’t ‘Skilling’ Or Relief Packages

16 October 2015 | An opinion piece from fieldwork in semi-arid villages in South India on HuffingtonPost India [Link]

Urban Dualities: a photo essay on inequity and development

26 May 2015 | Reflections from a scoping visit in Bangalore on Policy Forum [Link]

Ecological restoration as an adaptation to climate variability

16 January 2015 | Critical reflections from ASSAR’s India Team visit to Navadarshanam, an organic community farm on the outskirts of Bangalore. Blog entry. [Link]

The Private Sector: The least involved in landscape initiatives

 11 December 2014 | Blog on the Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog [Link

Researcher’s social capital: liaising with local actors for effective ethnographic research

12 June 2014 | Post on the Field Research Method Lab blog at LSE [Link]

Online platform: Himalaya Voices

Co-developed an online database called Himalayan Voices covering the ecological and cultural heritage of indigenous communities across the Indian Himalayas.

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